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Ijazah is an Islamic certificate of authorization, often granted for completing religious studies or mastering specific texts and teachings.

Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy

What Is Ijazah?

 In Arabic, “ijazah” translates to permission and technical narration methods using established chains of Narrators. Additionally, an Ijazah proves that one has the authority and right to teach and recite in Tajweed of the Holy Quran by its chains that lead back to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who was the forerunner to Allah (S.W.T).

“Ijazah” is an Arabic term that refers to official certificates or diplomas awarded upon successful completion of programs or studies in Islamic education. Ijazah translates to “permission,” or “authorization,” and refers to being granted authorization by an instructor for teaching specific topics or sharing knowledge within classes or studies.

Traditional Islamic education uses an Ijazah Course system to pass knowledge down from generation to generation. Students work closely with a teacher in individual or small group lessons. They are expected to demonstrate mastery of their subject matter before receiving Ijazah certification or permission from their teacher to pass it along to future generations of learners.

Contemporary usage of “ijazah” refers to any certificate or diploma related to Islamic studies. Many Islamic institutions and universities offer Ijazah courses in areas like Quranic study, Hadith interpretation, Islamic law, and Arabic language study – these could take many hours of classroom and practical instruction by an accredited instructor.

At its heart, Islamic education emphasizes Ijazah as an integral element. It emphasizes both teacher-student relations as well as information transfer across generations.

Students enrolled in the Online Ijazah course program receive permission to perform Ijazah from an approved scholar or imam serving as their scholar or imam. Ijazah is a form of worship and may involve reading from the online Quran academy by Tajweed to an appointed Sheik or female teacher or simply memorizing its entirety by heart from the heart before their teacher; then receiving Ijazah Hifz or memorization permit after memorizing complete reading from Tajweed rules or Tajweed-guidelines will also qualify them to perform Ijaza in Quran as well as Memorization!

Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy
Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy

Quran Ijazah Definition:

An Ijazah certification grants its holders the authority to read and teach Tajweed-based Recitation of the Quran. Ijazah seeks to verify its Recitation through authorized transmitters dating back to Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) before passing it onto angel Jibraeel (upon him peace be) before reaching Allah as its author of the Quran.

Ijazah (kashrut in Arabic) is an act of merit. It represents an honor bestowed from one teacher to another for correctly reciting the Qur’an without error and granting other Ijazah after evaluation of Recitation. Ensures that future generations receive it unchanged, protecting it from change or falsification while representing accuracy in reading its text.

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