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Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy

Quran Learning

Quran With Translation

At The Online Quran Academy, our top Quran teachers use Urdu and English translations of the Quran for instruction.

Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy

 Our trained ulemas have more than ten years of experience within this field – Quran is God’s Word, after all! Its structure and message are singular, unmatched by any other book on earth. Quran stands out not only for its depth of meaning and style of writing; its verses have a profound meaning. But Arabic stands out amongst all other written languages for having such beautiful poetry as part of its vocabulary. Its unique prose style makes the Quran both timeless and memorable; however, to experience its full impact requires proper recitation – this is why Tafseer or an online Quran With Translation course are essential components to successfully reciting it.

The Quran is Islam’s sacred text and is considered God’s word given through Gabriel to Muhammad the Prophet Muhammad through surahs (chapters) of varying lengths. , its contents cover morality and law, and personal conduct guidelines.

Translated versions of the Quran are widely available, making its message more accessible for those unfamiliar with Arabic. While translations might only capture some beauty and depth, they still effectively convey their overall message and meaning.

There are various English interpretations of the Quran which have become quite popular:

Translations of the Quran are available both online and through booksellers in many different languages, with websites like and offering numerous translations and interpretations as well as tools designed to assist in studying and understanding it more efficiently. Always treat the Quran with humility and reverence, representing the holy text for Muslims worldwide.

Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy
Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy

How Can I Study Quran

Quran studying is an integral component of the Islamic faith. Various approaches are available for Muslims to fulfill this obligation. Online Quran Academy and Holy Quran tutors are integral in spreading awareness of this religion through Quran With Translation classes for children. Our Quran tutors explain each verse word by word so students can interpret its meaning with this technique.

Learn Quran Word-by-Word with Adults Discover How to Read the Quran With Translation is the last book ever revealed to humanity; no other will come after. This complete work provides all instructions and guidance a human requires for Heaven on Judgment Day. For complete comprehension, reading Quran Online and English Translation is recommended.

Quran Tafsir and Translation

Quran tafsir classes are essential for those wishing to understand Islam completely, particularly at university-level study programs in comparative religion. Many of us seek further insight into its history, especially around Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself, who allowed for its first revelations, including verses of the Quran.

Importance of Translating the Quran

Translating The Quran can be a challenging endeavor. Many consider it impossible since its text cannot be replicated in another language or form. Arabic words could have multiple interpretations depending on the context, making accurate Quran translation challenging.

God does not look at your appearance and possessions, but He looks at your hearts and deeds.

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