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Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy


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Ashshakur offer service in teaching Basic Concept of Islam, Noorani Qaida, Quran recitation, Translation, Tajweed, Tafseer, Memorization,  and Islamic studies, providing flexible scheduling and female instructors. We use technology for enhanced learning, engage parents, conduct assessments, offer certifications, and make Islamic education accessible globally.

Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy

We look in the Quran the Seerah & the history.

The procedures, methods and procedures we use when teaching these courses Quran Classes Online using Tajweed assist students to grow, learn and become self-sufficient in the reading of the Quran in the near future In-Shaa Allah. Discover the Holy Quran online with Tajweed and Tarteel classes. Learn to read Quran and understand it, as well as learn to recite and learn to memorize it in online classes and lessons for children and adults, as well as females, with live tutors on Skype.

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Take the proper knowledge about 5 pillars of Islam

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Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy



Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy



Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy



Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy



Online Quran Academy - Ashshakur Academy



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Dua Holy Quran is one of the internationally leading Learning Quran and Quran Teaching institute due to its realism, quality of service, convenient and flexible plans, and affordable fee structure. Here you can learn Quran with tajweed by highly qualified, skilled, well-trained, and quite capable Male & Female Quran Tutors and scholars; who are committed and dedicated to plugging the essence of the Holy Quran.

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